Service virtualization

Service virtualization is one of the most significant invention in technology times, which is currently used in software engineering field. Along with the development of computing technology and network, virtualization is created and installed with an advance level. To find out the exact definition and and function of service virtualization, please read the article below.

What is service virtualization?

Service virtualization is an approach to emulate the behaviour of components such as API-driven applications, cloud-based applications and service-oriented architectures. This method is able to create virtual environment for software development and system testing.

Thanks to this type of virtualization, the software development and system testing can easily proceed. Unlike usual, the service virtualization allows the process to be lauched without accessing the live components. It is an advantage that most company leaders are interested in.

How service virtualization improves the modern technology

Service virtualization play an important role in a lot of aspects, which totally change how people work in computing system, engineer the software or even deal with the trouble happening. For example, with the virtual services, participants can easily connect with each other, share information, resources, transfer the data or finish daily tasks directly on the virtualization system. This will be much more time-saving and convenient than the traditional one.

Moreover, in case there are any problems occur, it can be solved in such a short time. The service virtualization allow users to discover the problem to fix it, and protect the data from being get loss at the same time. Therefore, a lot of company tend to create service virtualization to enhance the working efficiency and minimize the risk during administrating the whole complicated system.

This type of virtualization is recognized by vendors, industy analysts, industry publications. They tend to focus on the benefits and advantages of it.

The application of service virtualization

Service virtualization includes creating and deploying a virtual asset which stands in for a dependent component with appropriate performance. It will participate directly in the process of application testing progress.

Service virtualiztion is commonly applied in website service. This involves listening for an XML message over http, jms, mq and so on.

Thanks to the benefits of service virtualization, people currently manage the computing network and software engineering in more efficient way. Many companies have used this virtual network to encourage better result in administration, business and so on. It is supposed that this type of virtualization is a key of success in software and computing technology, so each system should be installed with service virtualization.

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